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Hope Again

In late March 2012, Hope Again International hosted their third fundraiser to bring awareness to the epidemic of child sex trafficking.  Did you know that child sex-slavery is an issue even in the United States? To learn more, please visit Hope Again.


this is what a perfect day looks like

ever had a perfect day? every wondered what a perfect day looks like? ever wished you had someone to film and document YOUR perfect day?
all you need is some good friends and a hopeful heart.
enjoy this video my boyfriend kappel put together of a wonderful day that we shared at the very beginning of march in Nashville Tennessee.
You can check out his vimeo here.

“plans of the future” by Hannah Nicole Rothrock

This is a song my friend Hannah made.  She comes over on my birthday, picks up my guitar and goes, “wanna hear the song i made?” and starts playing this.  All of our mouths dropped open and we made her play it again and again.  i told her, you’re recording that into my computer. now.
if you like any kind of music thats folky and earthy with a raw, honest and emotional sound then you will love this. please listen and comment :)

felicia franklin’s bridal shower

{felicia franklin’s bridal shower}

felicia franklin’s bridal shower

A couple weeks ago my dear friend Felicia celebrated her upcoming wedding by attending a bridal shower thrown by her sweet MOH.  You can learn more about Felicia here at feliciafranklin.com. This is a link to her photography website which will also link you to her wordpress blog :)
I had the delightful honor of borrowing Felicia’s camera to take pictures of this event.  Here are a few of them, enjoy!

{canon rebel t2i}


Today, March 11 2012 is my 23rd birthday.  Right now I am doing exactly what i wish, a few of my favorite things: I am in my pajamas, I am still in bed and I am on the internet .
On Friday morning I arrived at my little cubicle to find it decorated by coworkers:

That night I had dinner at my friend Sonja’s house:

Yesterday morning Kappel and I took Beasley to the vet to get her second round of vaccinations:

Then a few of my friends came to hang at Edwin Warner Park in a little meadow next to the Little Harpeth River, which was unusually full, moving and blue. As I look back on these faces, memories from our friendships in the years past flash through my mind and the thanksgiving that fills my heart moves me to tears; for THESE are the people who have taught my heart to love.
Without these precious people there is a greater chance I would be a much more bitter person at 23.
Learning to love is one thing, but learning to BE loved is a much greater challenge.
Today I know I am loved.

I finished the evening out by enjoying a family dinner with a few friends.  My mom, brother, brother’s girlfriend, my boyfriend, my two friends who are married and my two friends who are dating all enjoyed a feast at Sitar, my favorite Indian restaurant.  Enjoy a few instagram pics below.
(i used an iTouch)

Later on today my roommate crawled into bed with me, spooned me, sang me happy birthday and made me breakfast and a mimosa.  Then my sweet girlfriends surprised me by showing up at my house with flowers and taking me to brunch at one of our favorite brunch spots.  Favorite… probably because they have endless mimosas for 11.95. We came back to mine and Felicia’s apartment and continued the fun.

puppy parenting

Today I noticed something new- we are beginning to communicate.  She is beginning to understand better the kind of behavior which pleases me, and I am beginning to understand little things about her as well such as when she wants to go to the bathroom and when she needs some quality time.

I had a profound introspective and existential moment when i realized one of the beautiful things of this life is when two different species find that sweet spot, meet in the middle, begin to communicate…. Thus forging Relationship.

andaman islands

i want to go to the andaman islands. the Andaman Islands belong mostly to India and partially to Burma.  on the Andaman islands it is always warm! there is a group of indigeonous people called the Jarawa who live on the north sentinel island.  until 1996 the jarawa attacked any visitors to the island with arrows and […]